Sunday, April 23, 2006

Prince Harry wants to fight

I'm canvassing 7 evenings a week for the local government elections and next week will be taking a week's leave from my real job to campaign full-time. So the near-zero contributions to this blog will remain this way for another 10 days or so.

But this caught my eye:

Prince Harry has threatened to quit the Army unless he is sent to the front line.

Harry reportedly told officers at Sandhurst where he trained: "If I am not allowed to join my unit in a war zone, I will hand in my uniform."

[Source: ITV News]

So the lad's turned out okay after all.

If I am not allowed to join my unit in a war zone, I will hand in my uniform

So the lad's turned out okay after all.

Well that's a rather generous interpretation. Another might be that one of the most important things a soldier learns is to do as he's told.

If his superior officers deem it best to send him elsewhere then that would be their decision.

He's obviously not mature enough to realise this. Not exactly officer material.

Grow up boy.
Hmm I'm not so sure Garry and find myself agreeing with Chris. Harry is, after all, an Army Officer. That is, he does as he is told by his superiors. The idea that he tells them what he is and is not prepared to do by way of a posting makes him a liability - an Admin Burden as we used to call them when I was an RAF Officer not long ago. Can you immagine the outpourings of the 9 O'Clock Jury if he was killed, injured or taken prisoner? I wonder whos career who be for the chop them? Im sure the politicians would find someone in uniform to sacrifice.

Its sad that is thinking does not seem to have evolved beyond the 'Boys Own' concept of what an Officer is or does.

Nice to have another posting from you again.

Both valid points.

But if a soldier joins the army intending to fight and
seeks no favour simply because of his membership of our top family then he's demonstrating spirit and an unwillingness to allow 'connections' to create for him an easy life. I guess that's what I'm applauding.

I imagine he recognises the points you have made and that his remarks - made, it seems, to other officers - might have been more off-the-cuff than carefully considered.

Either way, I can't help admire the warrior spirit.

Full, botty-kicking blogging resumes after the elections.

You are, as ever, kind and generous in spirit Gary.
He may seek no favour, but it's handed out to him anyway.

With A-Level results like a B in Art (perhaps with a little help from Miss) and a D in geography, whilst dropping a third subject (history of art), one wonders which smarter lad's place he took at Sandhurst?

It's not the boy's fault he's under-endowed in the brains department.

That kind of warrior spirit is pure gold in yer actual foot soldier. But it needs to be tempered with some smarts if you're going to command.
Why the hell do we acknowledge this particular 'saint'.
He has nothing to do with these Isles. He was a serving legionary for Rome. He was born in Turkey. He was appointed by the Italian Catholic pope in Vatican City.
St George was a conscipt in a very violent army, bent on plunder and pillage.
Get rid of all who worship this type of religion. Give us good old Druids. At least they worshiped the right way. The sun and stars are the way forward. Nature rules...
If I am not allowed to join MY unit in a war zone, I will hand in my uniform.

If my unit was sent to a war zone without mne, I would hang it also.
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