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Well this is one happy - relieved, actually - blogger. I came in third in Cranbrook Ward (London Borough of Redbridge) and am now a part of Redbridge Council. You can just call me 'sir'.

Our result is here.

Thursday was a very long day: awake at 4am (obviously more nervous than I thought), leafletting by 6am, manning polling stations on and off throughout the day, 'knocking up' (a phrase that still makes me smile) Conservative voters who hadn't yet voted and so on. Watching the count was interesting. Each elector has three votes and most chose the three candidates of one particular party. But a sizable minority produced 'mixed' ballot papers - votes for only one or two candidates or else votes for three candidates but not all of the same party. One of the Labour candidates was picking up a large number of personal votes in this category and, knowing I would be placed third of our team (since I'm new so have no track record) I became quite anxious she'd pip me to third spot and my political career would be over before it had even begun.

In the end I polled nearly 50% more than her but before that fact became known I was running nightmare scenarios over and over in my head.

The whole process is quite interesting (honest it is). I'll post more when my tired and numbed brain is more alive.

My Borough picked up a single BNP councillor at the expense of a Tory. Our neighbours - Barking and Dagenham - got 11 with a 12th seemingly likely. Yesterday I listened to a Labour councillor waxing stupidly about how that Party's voters are simply racists proving, as he did so, that at least some Labour members do not recognise that branding every white who does not like uncontrolled immigration and his own second class place in the process as a racist is actually fuel for the BNP's fire. And since the only two people who ranted on about immigration to me during this election were ethnic Indians I think all three main parties need to get their heads out of the sand and move their brains up a gear or two.

In the meantime, Margaret Hodge, the Labour MP who first suggested the BNP might do well in these elections, may be subjected to disciplinary proceedings for those comments. (See The Guardian's story here.) Once Labour has shot the messenger will they then turn their attentions to the issues? Will the Conservatives? We will wait and see.

Congrats Gary - hopefully you'll have more time to post on your blog now that you aren't campaining.

Do let us know how things go.
Congratulations Gary. As you know I don't agree with a lot of your political views but that must have taken a lot of graft.
Thanks AJD - actually, as they say, campaigning for the next election begins the day after the current election.

Thank you Frank - and it did take some graft too. We started in January - two hours every Saturday and Sunday morning. Then in March it became a 7 day a week job. One knocks on an awful lot of doors and delivers an awful lot of leaflets in that time. By the end of the process I must confess to feeling jaded and pretty dull of brain. I think I'll need the next 4 years to recover...
Congrats Gary, hadn't checked over here for ages and come to find you're all respectable now.

Good luck in the role, always good to see new elected types who're already using the 'net well.
Congratulations, its good to see how you got what you aimed for.

Whats next?
Well done.
Congrats Gary. I met my conservative councillor on Friday night oddly enough in the pub. He wasnt elected but was very pleased overall with his 'score'. The amount of work involved was indeed huge by his account. He seemed exhausted. We had a great chat about politics and i was pleased to have met him properly since i voted for him. tried to convince me to get on board with some campaigning, which i think i just might.

Great post touching on the BNP btw
Well done and good luck to you, Gary.

I expect NuLabour will overplay the significance of the Hodge effect, just as both Hodge and Cruddas have overplayed the issue of competition for social housing in the area. This will enable them to avoid facing up to the true issue driving people to the BNP, which is uncontrolled mass immigration.

Neither Labour nor, under the Boy King at least, the Conservatives are willing to face up to that.

I nearly voted Tory for the first time in my life in the 2005 election, on the basis that Howard was was showing signs of actually dealing with the issue; I held back when he caved in to the doubters and starting soft-pedalling in the last couple of weeks of the campaign.

My sincere congratulations on the result - just picked it up. Best of luck for the future, I'm sure you'll do your constituents proud!
Congratulations Gary. You should defect to the BNP. Because your policies are BNP policies -- Tories like Cameron like uncontrolled immigration, and the Tories have contributed to the multicultural mess we see in Britain today.
Thank you all for the kind comments. I do appreciate them.

Mat - respectable? Moi? No $*&~#!£ chance!

Anonymous - what's next? Watch this space...

Alison - Get on board and then you can exert meaningful influence in areas you think the Conservatives are a little shakey on. Could keep you a bit busy though..! Where is your blog, by the way?

Edwin - this election I had two demands that I do something about immigration (ie end it) - both from non-whites. Perhaps one day the political class will recognise that concerns over immigration is no longer a white thing.

Nordish - I'll decline the offer thank you. I regard the phenomena of large-scale, uncontrolled immigration to be damaging to our society. Coupled with the left's appalling attitude towards ordinary people's ordinary opinions and concerns it amounts to an absolute disgrace. But the immigrants themselves are often decent people, many simply looking to better themselves through work and education. That's called enterprise and I respect enterprise. My enemies are not immigrants; my enemy is the liberal-left. I suspect the BNP despises the immigrants too which will be one of several areas where we could never agree.

still here
Gary, a little late I fear but congratulations!
My contacts in the bowels of the Town Hall tell me you are blogging again.

Pray, what is your new identity.

I'm at

Or click on my name (above) and you'll go straight there.

So. You have contacts?

The Town Hall has bowels??!

We learn something new every day...


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